Wes Suddarth, D.D.S Family Dentist

I am so richly blessed to be a family dentist. I have grown with many of my patients over the last 36 years and found that each has unique qualities that represent the best elements of this great country that we live in. It is my privilege to treat patients both young and old. I have enjoyed being their dentist and consider each of my patients to be a friend who has added his or her incredible story into the tapestry of my life. They inspire me to be a better dentist and person.


  • Bachelor of Science in Engineering –Tennessee Technological University of Cookeville, Tennessee in 1972
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery – University of Tennessee School of Dentistry in Memphis, Tennessee in 1978

Continuing Education

I am absolutely committed to providing the best care to my patients and am heavily involved in many continuing education opportunities. I have taken courses in drug addiction, aesthetic dentistry, diagnosing sleep problems, diabetes, oral surgery, oral cancer, teeth whitening, nutrition, hypertension, hepatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, implants, sterilization, alcohol abuse, and HIV-AIDs. The list is extensive, and rightly so, given the great variety of needs that people have. I want my expertise to best meet each patient’s needs.

In the Office

I am in the business of creating and restoring smiles. I love working with my hands and helping others achieve optimal oral health. I am people-focused, and I strive to design each treatment to be the most help for the person whom it is for. All people deserve a customized treatment that will specifically meet his or her needs. This is because dental work is life-changing. It can instill confidence, and we know now more than ever before how oral health affects a person’s total health. Tooth and jaw health has been linked directly to other bodily diseases, like diabetes and sleep problems. I make every effort to see that I make a positive impact in those whom I treat, and my goal is to see all who enter leave with the healthiest, most dazzling smile of their lives.

Community Involvement

I believe that through community involvement I not only better my community but ultimately myself as well. I have traveled to Honduras on mission trips to provide dental care. I have also volunteered at the Interfaith Dental Clinic in Nashville, TN, where I've treated many low income patients who are not able to regularly afford dental services. I am also involved in helping provide dental care at area schools, and I have donated toothbrushes, dental instruction, and my professional opinion during Dental Health Month for local children.

Outside the Office

I grew up in Donelson, TN. My family has always had roots in Wilson County. I happily settled down in Lebanon 33 years ago. I am happily married to my wife, Patricia. We have one son, Wesley, who is grown and married to a wonderful woman named Evonne. They have one son, Timothy, and a daughter, Victoria. It is a very exciting time for our family, and we are truly enjoying the time with our Grandson and Granddaughter.
I have a passion for farming and enjoy spending my free time managing my farm in Wilson County. I grow hay, wheat, and soybeans. I have even recently developed and received a patent on a monitor mount for tractors!

Dr Suddarth family dentist